You Throw Away Egg Shells? After Reading This Article You Will Never Do That Again!

The egg’s shell is contained by 90% of calcium. It is rich source of minerals. Calcium’s chemical structure is almost the same as human’s teeth and bones, and that’s why it is easy absorbed in our body. If you consume calcium in larger amounts, you will recompense the lack of calcium, prevent osteoporosis, boost blood cells generation by the bone […]

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The Dangerous Effects On Your Body When You Drink Too Much Water (and how much is too much)

Besides the dehydration of the body there is also over hydration. For this problem it is rarely written and we are not sufficiently introduced. Some people are not familiar with this problem because of the small amount of fluid they drink daily. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE OVER HYDRATED? Hyponatremia occurs when sodium is diluted in blood. This can cause […]

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2000 Years Old Tibetan Remedy Prolongs Life and Prevents Tumor

This ancient Tibetan remedy is effective in treating digestive disarrays, disables heart and brain attack, stopping tumor formation process, betters vision and makes you look younger and extends your life too. The two fundamental ingredients are garlic and lemon. It needs to be used on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Ingredients: 5 oz / 300 grams of […]

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