A Month After Eating Two Bananas A Day: The Effect Will Leave You Breathless!

Today people are “too busy” to have healthy diet, so they choose to eat fast food instead of eating healthy vegetables and fruits. The nutritionists cannot understand why most of the people from the Western populations are eating this unhealthy food, when they can afford natural foods that will provide them with the needed nutrients. The bananas are the food […]

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7 Herbs to Replace Painkillers Without any Side Effects

Swap your meds for these natural and effective alternatives. Athletes use to joke about them relying on “vitamin I” in order to relieve the pains and the aches of training. This “vitamin” is actually ibuprofen, and it has been used for pain relief along with all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) by numerous people. More than 30 million Americans take NSAIDs […]

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She Went To Feed Her Baby And She Noticed Tiny Black Dots In Her Nose. Now Hear Her Dire Warning…

Aromatic candles can serve for many purposes. Maybe you like to have one when you’re taking a relaxing bath, or when you want to have some intimate moments with your partner. Candles can make better mood than anything else. But nowadays one research found out that they do more damage than good. Professor Alastair Lewis from the National Centre for […]

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