Health Benefits Of Pineapple And How To Prepare Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is great beverage. It contains Vitamin C and B6, calcium, manganese, choline, potassium. Delicious and healthy and easy to make – 10 minutes in total. Here is recipe for pineapple juice:  Preparation Time: 5 Minutes Blend Time: 2 Minutes Ingredients : 5 cup Pineapple 5 teaspoon Sugar 1/4 teaspoon Black Salt 4-5 Ice cubes Preparation: Cut the pineapple […]

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6 Grams Of This Herb A Day Can Treat 5 Different Types Of Cancer

The cancer diagnosis is an extremely stressful and unpleasant, as this illness if most often life-threatening, while its treatments additionally destroy health. Due to the numerous harsh adverse effects of these treatments, numerous cancer patients choose to alternatively cure this issue. Alternative medicine remedies do not cause the same negative side-effects, while often significantly helping in the treatment of the […]

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24 Incredible Facts Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be In Every Home

Strong oxidation agent, composed of 2 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms, able to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and useful in various ways in your home is the hydrogen peroxide. These are the 24 useful ways by hydrogen peroxide: Useful in food preparation and decontamination: Food preparation Many test results stated that pairing the hydrogen peroxide with vinegar can kill salmonella, […]

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