Avoid Them : Bad Habits That Get You Fat Persistently !

We violate our health by repetition of bad habits and that is a fact. Often even unconsciously we bring extra calories ,fat, carbohydrates, until we see that the number of scale jumped from 3 to 4 pounds.10-2



  1. Drink at least one glass of soda a day. That glass of juice accrue around the stomach. Believe it or not, carbonated juice is 5 times more harmful than any fatty foods.
  2. You eat foods with sugar. Experts persistently advise not to put sugar in tea, coffee or natural juices that you made by yourself. They are tasty without sugar and less fat.
  3. You eat often cheese. We know that they taste amazing, but limit the amount.
  4. You drink alcohol several times a week. Is there a need for that amount?
  5. You put too much salt in your food. Salt opens the appetite and encourages the collection of water in the body, so think twice before you reach for the salt shaker.
  6. You eat bigger meals.
  7. You eat late without sticking to the rule after 7 o’clock is not dinner time.
  8. You eat from sorrow, joy, boredom, anxiety…in those moments we can get fatter, unconsciously.
  9. We often eat dairy products with “ low fat”. They are fake friends, reconcile with that fact.
  10. You don’t get enough proteins. This is a bad habit that disrupt the regulation of blood sugar.

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