If your stomach is bloated often, then it could be a symptom of some not so serious issues in the stomach, like lactose intolerance or overeating. But it could also indicate on some severe diseases, like cancer. You should know how to recognize whether some less dangerous issue occurred or it is some serious health problem.1

In this article you will read few cases in which you should check if the stomach bloating is related to some dangerous health problem.

Vaginal bleeding or blood in your stool- Bloating could be related with sudden bleeding in women, which appears in the periods between or after menopause. Many times it isn’t a sign of some dangerous health problem, but it could indicate the presence of some ailment or health disarray, like irregular menstrual cycle, fibroids, hemorrhoids or endometrial atrophy.

Fever- If stomach bloating appears together with fever, it could be a symptom of infection or inflammation. Actually, you might be affected by pelvic, urinary or gastrointestinal infection, if the amount of white blood cells increased.

Ascites- it occurs because of an abnormal level of liquid that is released in the abdomen. If person is affected by this condition it will gain more weight with the waistline expanded.

In this case the bloating is noticeable and the women could even look like they are pregnant. Usually this is a symptom of liver disease. It could indicate the presence of hepatitis as well, and bloating together with jaundice, makes the skin and the eyes yellow, which is a symptom of cancer expanded to the liver.

Weight loss- If you lose some weight and you didn’t change your diet or the daily physical activities, particularly if you lose 10% of your overall weight, then it is very possible that you are affected by an ailment. There could be some tumor that releases fluids that suppress your appetite. It could also point out to a cancer in the intestines, which makes pressure on the stomach, making you feel satiated even after eating some small meal.

In addition, unexpected and strong pain in the abdomen, together with bloating, vomiting and nausea can be a sign of blockade made from scar tissue or bowel tumor.

In this case you should visit your doctor as soon as possible if you like to dodge bowel perforation because it could have deadly consequences. The bowels are loaded with food and juices, and they cause a lot of pain when trying to push the contents through the blockade.

Bloating could point out to cancer or some dangerous health problems, like:

Diverticulitis- it is caused by a combination of few conditions, abdominal pain, fever and bloating. All these symptoms come together with constipation and diarrhea. When a person is affected by this condition, then a liquid diet and antibiotics are required. This condition could even require surgery. Once the complications are solved, the patient will have to consume foods that are rich with fiber.

Crohn’s disease- the bloating is the main symptom of this ailment. It is accompanied with symptoms like inflammation in the eyes, mouth ulcers, joint pain and skin lesions. This ailment impacts the colon, the small intestine and GI tract and it is also an autoimmune disease. The bloating can also result with colon blockades that can manifest together with nausea, vomiting after having a meal, weight loss and blood in the stool.

Pelvic inflammatory disease- it appears due to infected ovarian or Falopian tubes, usually by sexually transmitted ailments, Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. It can occur as a result of abortion, miscarriage, childbirth or insertion of intrauterine tool. A pelvic test should be done, and it is normally healed with antibiotics because it could cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Liver disease- usually, it is benign and it is not so serious problem, but sometimes it can promote the cancer cells to expand from it and affect the surrounding organs. This happens because of the blood which goes through it and once the cancer cells enter into the bloodstream, they will pass through the liver. This could lead to bloating and ascites and jaundice. The people who have suffered from hepatitis or drink a lot of alcohol are vulnerable from liver cancer.

Stomach cancer- bloating, indigestion and feeling of fullness in the upper part of the abdomen are the symptoms of stomach cancer that manifest in the late stages because it shows no symptoms at the beginning. Often, the stomach cancer is discovered in the late stages when it is hard to be healed and the symptoms like weight loss and nausea will start to occur. Also, the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori is the greatest reason for stomach cancer.

Uterine cancer- radiation therapy, tamoxifen, a family history of colon cancer also known as the Lynch Syndrome, using estrogen supplements, or a family history of uterine cancer are the greatest reasons of uterine cancer occurrence. It is manifested through symptoms like abnormal vaginal discharge which is watery and with blood, painful sex or urination, and pelvic pain.

Pancreatic cancer- this cancer is considered as one of the most aggressive cancers making it the most fatal one. It manifests through few symptoms, including diabetes together with back and abdominal pain, bloating with jaundice, lack of appetite, weight loss and upper abdominal pain.

Ovarian cancer- this is the 5th most common cancer in women. It is manifested through continual bloating, lack of appetite and pelvic pain. Women older than 50 are the most vulnerable group and it could be caused by not having a kids or giving birth late in life, obesity, family history of this cancer, long term hormone therapy.

Colon cancer- this cancer occurs at the end of the colon or at its beginning. If it occurs in the middle part, the bloating can only be an early symptom. If it appears at the beginning it will manifest with continual bloating, bleeding, with high risk of worsening the condition. You can prevent this cancer by making changes in your way of life and consuming natural foods, including a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/

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If your stomach is bloated often, then it could be a symptom of some not so serious issues in the stomach, like lactose intolerance or overeating. But it could also indicate on some severe diseases, like cancer. You should know how to recognize whether some less dangerous issue occurred...