An interesting case where, daughters advice turned out to be crucial for her mother to cure cell carcinoma skin cancer, located on the top of her head. Her daughter told her to try baking soda paste, and asked her to apply it directly on the area.3

When she heard what her daughter told her, she didn’t listen to her. Her daughter Azizo was a respectful writer and read many articles and done researching about skin cancer. She found many people who have tried combination of baking soda, or soda bicarbonate and have succeeded in the battle against skin cancer

Before she decided to try the natural advises her daughter preached about she went under three surgeries. What was concerning was the fact that after the surgeries the cancer came back and got even worse. Therefore she gave up her stubbornness and started applying baking soda and pure cold pressed organic coconut oil on the affected area.

The coconut oil has skin cellular regenerative properties and is an effective adjunct to baking soda. She didn’t massage or rubbed the area; she simply applied the paste and let it be.

Azizo only gave her mother Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics was the only pharmaceutical item, and applied the paste only at night time. As a precaution you can use any other antibiotic ointment or colloidal silver soaked cotton could do the job as well.

Azizo was persistent with applying the paste and stopped giving her mother the ointment when the wound closed. Moreover she also started applying cotton soaked in vinegar which helped baking soda to penetrate even deeper in the skin. DMSO is another even better solvent for that purpose

This kept on going for 38 years and by then the cancer was completely gone. This type of skin cancer is not deadly as melanoma can be, but it does continue spreading on the skin until cured completely.

Almost if not every household has baking soda. Baking soda is not expensive and has many usages. It also contains aluminum and therefore it provides alkaline environment, and as we already discussed, tumors only thrive in acidic environment.

Dramatic Life and Death Story

Vernon Johnston discovered he had a stage III cancer on his prostate. He found about it when he went to the Veteran’s Administration. Very soon the cancer metastasized all over his hips and went to stage IV and just before going to a doctor for a therapy his son stopped him an changed his mind to try other methods that would  alkalize and create an unfriendly environment for the cancer.

And again, he also used baking soda. At first he wanted to try with cesium but never managed and decided to go with baking soda and blackstrap molasses. The Trojan Horse sugar was supposed to wide open cancer cells and make way for the baking soda to alkalize, resulting in damaging and destroying cancer cells.

Just after two weeks of practicing this method he went for a test and was amazed. The results showed no further spreading of the cancer. The PSA dropped from 22 to 5 to 1 over the course of his treatment and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Vernon besides the usage of baking soda he changed his diet plan to a more greenly diet, exposed himself to more sun and did breathing exercises to bring more oxygen in the body. In his book “Vernon’s Dance With Cancer: After the Jolt” he says that motivation and positive thinking is very important to keep you going. He also gives lectures and it is hard not to mention but the book was written over five years after the original baking soda alkaline producing treatments.

Some alkaline substances do not produce alkalinity in the body, and certain acidic foods, like limes and lemons, actually become alkaline in the body. To be more exact, don’t rely on alkalized water to build your pH from acidic to alkaline and baking soda is alkaline and produces alkalinity.

Dr. Mark Sircus wrote a book about baking soda in the treatment of cancer and other health issues, called Sodium Bicarbonate – Full Medical Review.

An Italian former physician is now an alternative health practitioner. He injects baking soda solution into the blood vessels that feet tumors, based on his experience as an oncology surgeon.

Previously a doctor, an Italian physician is currently a practitioner of alternative ways to heal. Now he infuses baking soda into the blood vessels due to his experience as an oncology specialist.

Dr. Simoncini says that there is nothing better than baking soda or soda bicarbonate against fungi. He claims that cancer thrives on fungal colonies, and even that fungal colonies create cancer. His claim resulted in removing of his physician certification in Italy.

Definitely baking soda deserves more attention and examination because of its admiring healing properties for rigorous ailments.

Source: Living House
An interesting case where, daughters advice turned out to be crucial for her mother to cure cell carcinoma skin cancer, located on the top of her head. Her daughter told her to try baking soda paste, and asked her to apply it directly on the area. When she heard what...