A Herb Containing Amazing Substance That Destroys Even 86% Of Lung Cancer Cells !

Lung cancer is one of the most commons cancer types with higher mortality rates than bowel, breast and pancreas cancer. About 75-80% of lung cancer diagnoses are non-small cell lung cancer (NSCL). So far, none of the treatments are successful. However, a study published in the PubMed magazine states that parsley prevents and kills lung cancer cells. The substance responsible […]

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Half Of The Affected People Are Now Aware Of Having This Disease ! Check The Symptoms !

Be aware if you feel these symptoms: Increased thirst and frequent urination – as the excess sugar enters the bloodstream, the water withdraws from the tissue, making you feel thirsty. Increased appetite – when there is lack of insulin, responsible for sugar transmission, the muscles and organs lack of energy. This makes you feel hungry. Weight loss – despite having […]

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Bananas Treat These Conditions Better Than Drugs !

Due to the high contents of sugars and fibers, bananas treat some conditions more efficient than drugs and also instantly give you energy. Do not hesitate because of the nutrition value, because thus fruit is super food. Constipation Bananas contain pectin, a diet fiber that improves digestion and detoxify the body. In addition, they affect as probiotic and stimulate digestion, […]

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